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The Spider by TheStickboy General
Set between the time Max blacked out and the time he awoke in his cell. Giovanni...
How Must I Die? by Anise76 Adult (NC-17)
Based on a battle of words and wills between the new Watcher Cassandra Pedersen...

Welcome to Plymslayer, an online roleplaying game and fiction archive.

The site has been running since late 2001, building a series of forum based RPGs set within the Buffy-verse based on original characters, ideas and settings. We welcome all fandoms for fiction and graphics, if there is something you want to add, please feel free.

Welcome to the new look Plymslayer.com

Welcome to the new Plymslayer.com homepage.  It's been a while since we updated the main site, and for that, well, we apologise, but hopefully the latest version will change that.

We have added some new features designed to make the site both more interactive and more accessible.  The first is this frontend, this provides the facility for anyone to register and upload their fiction to the site, in an easily managable format.  To do this, simply register and away you go. (Unfortunately registration data couldn't be reliabily carried over from the forums)

The second is an image gallery, accessible by clicking on the 'gallery' link above.  Again this allows anyone to upload images to the site, create their own albums and so on.  I'll be adding my photographs, and Evilandrea will be adding her paintings to start us off, but anything is welcome.

Hope you all like the change, if you have comments, either post below or head over to the forums and post there.

-The Plymslayer team.

--Dolph on 02/01/2009 15:33 0 Comments
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