Take a pint glass of just about anything alcoholic, put an episode of Buffy or Angel on and, and every time something happens thatís on the list take one, two, or three mouthfuls depending on what it is.

(NB-I take no responsibility for the hangovers caused by this game, I didnít make you play it!!!)

Green writing Buffy season four/five only.

Blue writing Angel (Any season) only.

One Mouthful:

®      Xanderisums

®      Willowisums

®      Gilesisums

®      Buffyisums

®      Cordyisums

®      Every time Buffy is mentioned.

®      Every time we see the Bronze

®      Every time anyone Vamps out.

®      Every time Giles gets knocked out.

®      Every time Weserly gets his asre kicked

®      Every time the word Brooding is mentioned.

®      For every demon we see.

®      Anytime we see a big scary book.

®      Anytime we see anyone smoking, extra mouthful if they die moments later.

®      Coffee is seen, mentioned or drunk.

®      Doyle tries to cop onto Cordelia.

®      Every time we see, Parker, Adam, Harmony, Prof. Walsh.

®      Anytime you see a Graveyard.

®      Wicca, or magic (magjic!!!) including the word spell is mentioned.

®      A Werewolf is seen or mentioned.

®      Slayer or Chosen one is said.

®      Every time Wesley acts like a complete nummty.

®      You see Darla, The Master, Dru or spike*

†††††††††† (*Except season 4)

®      Mist/smoke of any colour is seen.

®      Every dead body you see.

®      Any mention or glimpse of something to do with Wolfman and Hart.

®      Every time you see a cross.

®      Any time Angel is mentioned.

®      The word Curse or Gypsyís is mentioned.

®      Every time the Magic Shop is MENTIONED.

®      Every time Detective Lockly is seen.

Two Mouthfulís.

®      Every time Buffy or Angel stakes a vamp.

®      Every time you see a pentagram.

®      Every time you see the funky red pool table.

®      We see any of the Scooby gang study or in a lesson or lecture.

®      Anytime anyone kisses.

®      Every time anyone mentions money or lack there of.

®      Anytime the initive creep around in combats, or we see their headquarters.

®      Anytime† you see a band play, (an extra mouthful if the song is on the sound track, or Oz is playing)

®      Tea is seen drunk or mentioned.

®      Hawaiian shirts.

®      Xander or Wesley gets hit over the head.

®      Teachers who are in fact monsters/demons/gypsies. Two mouthfuls for every time we see them.

®      Any time we see the mayor, or any non-monster teacher principle etc.

®      Chocolate is seen, eaten or mentioned.

®      Anytime anyone speaks Latin.

®      Spike gets pain for attempting to eat/hit/etc anyone.

®      The word Earthquake is mentioned, extra mouthful if it happens.

®      Anyone is nearly run over, extra mouth full if the car actually hits them.

®      Phantom Dennis is íseení!!!

®      Anytime anyone is Ďmunchedí by a vamp.

®      Vision.

®      Every fight seen.

®      Every time the Magic Shop is SEEN.

®      Anytime a Vamp gets more sun than they should, or Oi why arenít you on fire yet!!!

®      Any time you see the police.

Three Mouthfulís.

®      Buffy or Angel gets their arse kicked.

®      Any member of the Scooby gang (Other than Buffy or Angel) Stake a Vamp.

®      Xander DOESNíT get his arse kicked when fighting a demon/vamp.

®      Bad hair day!!! (you know what I mean)

®      Anyone Gets tied/chained to any thing.

®      Anytime anyone gets laid.

®      Anyone seen drinking Alcohol.

®      Anyone gets his or her shirt off.

®      Spells or magic is done, extra mouth full if lab equipment is used.

®      Sci-fi/Fantasy/horror/TV reference is made.

®      Batman reference.

®      Any Vamp/demon zapped by cool ininichitive thingy.

®      Anytime any one tryís to open the Hellmouth.

®      Anytime we see Angelus.

®      You see the reflection of any Vampire.

®      Any thing to do with pigs.


®      GRRR AARRGGG!!!! Need we say any more!!!!

®      Any of the Scooby gang die, loose their souls, get sent to Hell etc.

®      Any of the Scooby gang are brought back to life, get their souls back etc.