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Outside on the grounds
Dru - 18-7-02 at 10:36 PM

Nicole, Cain and Melissa had begun combing the grounds behind the large main house, thinking that it would be easiest to start there. Though it would be difficult to stay out of suspicion, since party-goers were coming and going from the house quite frequently.


Lorisha Fangs - 19-7-02 at 01:27 AM

As soon as Cain had got outside with the ladies he ran to his carriage to retrieve his sword. Then he accompanied them again. "So how long have you been a slayer?" Cain asked.


Dru - 19-7-02 at 05:20 PM

OOC: A note. The group that started in the 'Plantation Gathering' thread together have known eachother and what Nicole is for about a month.


Satine - 19-7-02 at 10:02 PM

Nicole pushed the few strands of hair around her face behind her ears and concentrated on scanning the fields with for vampires.

"Ummm...well I'm 19 now, and I found out when I was since then really. I'll head out over to that group of bushes, you two go togther towards that tree."

She smiled at Cain while she walked with him.

Dru - 19-7-02 at 11:31 PM

Nicole moved off towards the group of bushes, noticing that there was what seemed to be a figure. And she was straight into Slayer mode.


Melissa and Cain began to check the area around the trees. If they got desperate they might have to check the slave quarters and stables as well.


Lorisha Fangs - 20-7-02 at 05:28 AM

"Well Melissa we might have to go to slave quarters. Seems there is nothing here." He said and twirl the sword in his hand. It was times like this when he didn't think about his family. The only time actually.

TheStickboy - 20-7-02 at 05:29 AM

Melissa sighed, and turned to Cain. "Why don't we go check over there...?" She gestured to the Stables. "If you can take the smell, that is." She grinned and tramped off in the direction of the building.

Lorisha Fangs - 20-7-02 at 05:50 AM

"Yeah I can handle that." He said and followed her towards the stables. "What a way to party don't you think? a couple drinks and some slaying. Always hit the spot" He said with a small chuckle.


Dru - 20-7-02 at 05:35 PM

Cain and Melissa had to avoid the guests that were coming from the stables, while they investigated the grounds around it.

~ Dru

Satine - 21-7-02 at 03:21 PM

Nicole pulled out one of her stakes as she inched towards the bushes. She could sense and see a smallish dark figure there. It was dusky, so all she could make out was silhouettes.

She jumped back as the figure moved. Although she was straining her eyes to see, she couldn't make out exactly what it was.

TheStickboy - 21-7-02 at 07:24 PM

Melissa gave him an funny look. "Personally, I think the whole idea of coming here was a bad idea. We'll find more vampires stalking Bourbon Street than at a boring party like this."

Dru - 21-7-02 at 08:02 PM

OOC: David, this is Louis's cue ;)

As Nicole jumped back the figure jumped forward, but not at her. And to her surprise it was a young man not much older than herself.


Lorisha Fangs - 22-7-02 at 12:58 AM

"Yes I agree,but people of high class come to these so the aristocrats think they are sociable. Well thats my belief anyway." He said with a smile.

Trying to keep his sword out of sight of the people coming from the stables.

Dru - 22-7-02 at 01:31 AM

More bodies were actually going missing from these parties than the French Quarter, as Nicole and the others had been keeping the numbers of vampires down in that area.

A familiar figure walked by that they recognized, and were taken aback that he was here.

OOC: DK, your cue.


DemonKnight - 22-7-02 at 12:34 PM

Glenn bowed to the three of them, and in his english accent he spoke, "Cain, Melissa." and looking towards Nicole he smiled, "Nicole..." He wasn't the most stereotypical priest in fact he wasn't like any other priest this side of the hemisphere. He was one of the storm reaver, a vativan endorssed sect of demon hunters.

"How goes the patrolling tonight?" he asked, his voice calm and relaxed.

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 22-7-02 at 04:10 PM

Patrolling was not getting nearly anywhere to be honest, they hadn't found anything of the undead or paranormal variety since they had arrived at the plantation home.

Although from the looks of it Nicole may have found something where she was patrolling, though one could never tell.


TheStickboy - 22-7-02 at 08:17 PM

"Oh, Hi Glenn." Melissa spoke up. "I was just explianing how there's just nothing out here... But now you've showed up, which probably means there is..."

Dru - 22-7-02 at 08:29 PM

Melissa's assumption was correct, there was something here, but as to where it was was another story.


DemonKnight - 22-7-02 at 08:53 PM

"Please Melissa, i am in formal robes at the moment, i need to be called by my proper title especially infront of party." he pleaded, he usually wasn't too strict about his title, but if was to get any form of repect amongst his "people" he would need people to recognise his authority. "And yes, our meeting is more just circumstance, i too have been following some demon activity about his place and i asume your efforts have been less than successful?."

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 22-7-02 at 09:20 PM

Their conversation was cut short by a scream. Which made all three look in the direction of the sound.

A young african-american woman could be seen running from the slave quarters in hysterics.


DemonKnight - 22-7-02 at 09:35 PM

Glenn drew his metalic crucific from around his neck, as a rule it was the only weapon he would carry when not offically on patrol, as well as a small vial of holy water, and tonight he was actually a guest to the party. He was one of the wealthy patron's guests, who wished their daughter be married by a "Proper Christian".

"I assume our search will take us over there." he said as we walked slowly towards the slave quarters, and casually snapping a branch of a tree.

-Fr Glenn

TheStickboy - 22-7-02 at 09:36 PM

Melissa drew a stake from her dress and started off towards the slave quarters. "Coming, Friar Munn?" She asked, turning to Glenn.

Dru - 22-7-02 at 09:49 PM

The group moved towards the quarters, but were quickly halted by the young woman. She was trying to speak, but was to hysterical to make sense.
"Woman...dead...blood..."She stammered, there was more to the actual sentence but that was what they could make out.


DemonKnight - 22-7-02 at 09:52 PM

"Calm down, mam, please." he told her. "Please what happened?" he asked her holding he gently.

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 22-7-02 at 09:54 PM

The woman tried to take a deep breath beginning again.
"A woman, she asked for blood." She replied, "Not to me, to others." She was beginning to calm, but was still very shaken.


TheStickboy - 22-7-02 at 09:57 PM

Melissa looked to Glenn. "Vampire?" She asked.

DemonKnight - 22-7-02 at 10:04 PM

"Melissa, be careful, and follow me." he said, he dislike violence, dispite his calling, but his other calling was to protect and he intended to do that.

-Fr Glenn

Lorisha Fangs - 22-7-02 at 10:16 PM

Cain spun hid sword in his hand again and followed the group. "So Friar Munn? what have you been up to of late?" Cain asked. "Same old, I'm guessing"

DemonKnight - 22-7-02 at 10:22 PM

"It's Father Munn, Cain." he said a bit uneasyily, he dislike the formalities that came with his robes, yet his faith meant everything to him. "I've been doing the usually priest thing, but i have been patrolling more than usual, something strange is amiss and i think that whatever it is, that this has something to do with it."

-Fr Glenn

David-Thomas Leek - 22-7-02 at 11:56 PM

OOC: Doh! Sorry it took me so long :P

IC: Louis walked slowly through the plantation grounds. Word on the street was that this party would not only be entertaining the local aristocrats, but the local undead as well. He held his walking stick in a death grip, an ingenious contraption that allowed a portion of the bottom end to be twisted off, revealing a sharpened stake, and allowing the other end of the walking stick to be used as a bludgeon. The silver wolf on the handle was useful for dealing bashing damage to a vampiric body, softening it up and weakening it for the stake.

Suddenly he heard footsteps not far in back of him. His heart began to beat fast, and he quickly spun around, twirling his stick and pulling the stake out from the shaft, preparing to stake the figure he assumed was a vampire. He narrowed his eyes and he saw a young girl standing there, and in her hand, she too held a wooden stake. Louis looked at her, rather confused.

"Well madam, it looks like we share the same hobby."

OCC: I just assumed that you would have the stake ready in your hand. If not, I can change it ;)


Dru - 23-7-02 at 04:37 AM

Glenn, Cain & Melissa ventured into the quarters, where a group was gathered around one small house/shack. They thought that would be the best place to start their search.


Satine - 23-7-02 at 10:07 PM

Nicole looked at the man up and down. Yes, he too held a stake.

"Uh, yes, uh, how did you...who is your...sorry." Nicole laughed a little tinkly, nervous laugh. She cleared her throat.

"Howcome you're...who's your watcher?"

David-Thomas Leek - 23-7-02 at 11:54 PM where had he heard that before? "I don't believe I know what you are speaking of, my lady." He slid the stake back up the shaft of the stick. He wondered what she was doing with that stake, here, alone. Slaying the undead was not a task he considered fit for a woman, and even with all his training he had almost been killed more than once. The scars on his torso almost twitched with pain at the memory.

"My I ask who you are?"

DemonKnight - 24-7-02 at 02:03 PM

Glenn moved up to the group and hoped his status as a priest would allow him access to whatever happened. "Excuse me my children, what happened?"

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 24-7-02 at 04:48 PM

A young man turned to Glenn, a look of bewilderment was set on his features.
"A young woman came demanding blood, at least that is what I heard." He answered, nobody seemed to want to venture inside the house.


DemonKnight - 24-7-02 at 08:21 PM

Glenn moved past the people and gripped teh branch that hed had tight, he was being prepared for anything, channeling all his spiritual energy into him attempting to make his body as hard as rock, he walked into the area the others were afraid to go.

-Fr Glenn

TheStickboy - 24-7-02 at 08:25 PM

Melissa exchaged a glance with Cain. "Maybe we should help him." She muttered, and followed Glenn.

Dru - 24-7-02 at 08:47 PM

Once Glenn had reached the area, Melissa close behind all they saw within the house was a small bed that had been turned over and a cupboard lying open. There were scorch marks on the walls and all sorts of ingredients for magick most likely strewn on the floor.

But their was no drained body.


Satine - 24-7-02 at 10:18 PM

Nicole frowned. If he was a Slayer, then surely he must have a watcher...

"Sorry, um, I must have been mistaken...I'm not sure I can really tell you what I'm doing here until you tell me who you are." Nicole smiled politely, a slightly firm tone to her voice.

TheStickboy - 24-7-02 at 10:44 PM

Melissa looked at the mess and made a face. "Well? Where is it? Vampires can't just vanish into thin air." She looked to Glenn. "Can they?"

Lorisha Fangs - 25-7-02 at 02:00 AM

Cain followed Melissa into the area she had followed father Munn to. He held his sword at ready. " Don't you just love these parties?" He asked sarcastically just alittle over a whisper.

David-Thomas Leek - 25-7-02 at 03:39 AM

"I am Louis de Vaunt, my lady," he said, bowing deeply. "As for what I am doing, I am doing the same thing you are apparently doing. Cleansing the earth of vampires. I am a vampire hunter. I have dedicated my life to rooting them out and causing their final death." Louis looked around. "This party is supposed to be full of them. For what, I'm not sure, but I'm her to get as many of them as I can."


DemonKnight - 25-7-02 at 12:42 PM

"I assume the unholy arts were used here, the scorch marks would make one believe Magic had a large involvement here," He bent down to smell the marks, wondering if it was sulphuric in nature, as most demonic dezinens left sulphuric marks if they used some form of teleportation, or so he thought.

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 25-7-02 at 05:52 PM

The marks were not sulphuric, they just smelt like burnt wood. So something closer to a candle flame or a lamp flame had done it.

Which was perplexing in and of itself. Perhaps somebody outside could explain more thoroughly than the young man had.


Satine - 25-7-02 at 06:15 PM

Nicole felt reassured. So he wasn't a Slayer.

"So you're a freelance vampire slayer, huh." Nicole said.

"If you want you can join forces with us. There's me and a few friends here scouting the grounds. We can get this joint free of the undead in no time."

David-Thomas Leek - 27-7-02 at 04:47 AM

~Ahh, so shes with a group of vampire hunters.~ "I was not aware of an organized group of vampire hunters here in New Orleans." He had been in Europe for several months, and had just gotton back recently. Upon arrival he noticed the vampire population had decreased, but he had figured that was due to rival waring vampire clans.

"So I take you all are responsible for the decreased vampire numbers. You must have very effective fighting techniques. Yes, I shall hut with you. How long have you all been here? How many are in your group?"


TheStickboy - 27-7-02 at 06:20 AM

"Well, that's obvious, isn't it...?" Melissa trailed off, seeing what Glenn was doing. She kneeled down beside him to get a look.

"Um...Father Munn..." She muttered, "I don't mean to interrupt but... why exactly are you sniffing the wall?"

Satine - 27-7-02 at 08:28 AM

"There's 5 of us - Me, my watcher Theresa, and my friends Augustin, Cain and Melissa. We've all known each other for about a month now. " Nicole replied. She looked at Louis and quickened her pace.

"Come on, come this way with me and I'll tell you about our tactics...maybe you could join our group if you're good enough," she said with a smile.

Dru - 27-7-02 at 05:27 PM

Louis and Nicole continued their discussion as they both scanned the rest of the grounds for the undead, they didn't find any. They did however see a figure walking towards a carriage on the outskirts of the cotton fields.


DemonKnight - 27-7-02 at 06:05 PM

"Im trying to determine the nature of these burn marks, but to no avail." He stood up and looked around the quarters for any more clues.

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 27-7-02 at 06:08 PM

There was nothing, the house was devoid of anymore clues. A petite woman ventured into the house at that moment, whispering a name and looking about nervously. Looking at the three of them she asked, "Have you seen Caleb?" Her voice was quivering.


DemonKnight - 27-7-02 at 06:42 PM

"Who is Caleb mam?" said Glenn as he turned around to meet the lady.

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 27-7-02 at 10:07 PM

"Caleb is the young boy that lived in this home with his mother." The woman replied, "She's outside hysterical, saying that he is missing, we're searching for him."


Satine - 28-7-02 at 08:50 AM

Nicole squinted into the distance. She couldn't make out much from where she was, but she had a feeling that this character was ominous. She tugged on Louis' sleeve.

"Look, um, there's someone over there and I get the feeling they're not meant to be..." she whispered.

"I'm awfully sorry, I don't believe I caught your name. I'm Nicole Ellis."

Dru - 29-7-02 at 12:09 AM

Nicole and Louis made there way quietly through the fields, keeping their eyes on the woman with the carriage. She seemed to be talking to somebody that wasn't there.


David-Thomas Leek - 31-7-02 at 03:52 AM

OOC: Sorry Satine, I'll try to post as soon as possible. I've been busy :(

Lorisha Fangs - 31-7-02 at 04:22 AM

"Ok so we are looking for a boy then huh father? Or do you think that is a lost cause?" Cain said putting the blade of his sword against his shoulder walking outside for fresh air,and to look outside for anything that might be lurking.

Dru - 31-7-02 at 05:09 PM

They were not looking for the boy, they were looking for the boys mother to ask her questions. And as there was too much comotion nothing was lurking outside anywhere near.

Caleb's mother was however in the middle of a group of people, or at least the three guessed it was his mother at the way she was sobbing uncontrollably.


David-Thomas Leek - 31-7-02 at 06:47 PM

"Louis de Vaunt," he said, with a flourishing bow. Louis glanced over to see a figure approaching a carriage. There was a woman with the carriage, and she appeared to be speaking to herself.

"Yes," he said, gripping his walking stick, "lets a look."

Dru - 31-7-02 at 08:16 PM

The woman turned in their direction when they were lest than 5 feet away from her.
"Yes, can I help you?" She turned from the carriage, which was presumably empty. The woman was red-haird and very petite in height, she didn't look threatening or suspicious besides the fact that moments before she was talking to herself.


Satine - 2-8-02 at 05:23 PM

Nicole smiled politely at the woman.

"Yes, well, it was more of a question of how we could help you really. You see we're, we're um, looking for our friends..." Nicole improvised, giving Louis a "help me out here!" look.

"Tall, dress in a lot of black, kinda scary looking..." Nicole gestured with her hands.

Dru - 2-8-02 at 05:27 PM

Katherine glanced into the carriage again, "I'm sorry, I wouldn't know anybody by the looks of that, i'm actually just leaving." She replied, preparing to step into the carriage, "If you'll excuse me." She was acting jumpy and odd.


Satine - 2-8-02 at 05:29 PM

"No!" exclaimed Nicole, grabbing her arm. She needed to know who this woman was!

"Oh, I'm sorry" Nicole let go of her arm.

"We'll find our friends...we just thought you looked a little, um, lost."

Dru - 2-8-02 at 05:40 PM

Katherine raised an eyebrow, "I am most certainly not lost." A pounding noise could be heard from the carriage now, it was obvious something was in there, but this woman was using a glamour to disguise it.


Satine - 2-8-02 at 05:49 PM

Nicole looked from the woman to the carriage. Something was in there, and the woman's discression was making her suspicious.

"Lovely carriage you've got here, the intricate work on the, um, wheels is beautiful. I don't suppose you'd mind if I took a look inside, would you?" Nicole put a foot on the steps leading inside and started to venture in.

Dru - 2-8-02 at 05:55 PM

Katherine raised an eyebrow, stepping back, "Not at all. Mind you its not that interesting." She looked quizzically at Nicole, sensing that this girl was linked to the supernatural, but in what way she couldn't tell.


Satine - 2-8-02 at 06:00 PM

Nicole was surprised at this. She honestly thought the woman would try and stop her. She shrugged it off and stepped up into the carriage. It was completely dark in there, and she couldn't see a thing. Nicole took baby steps forward, clutching the sides of the carriage. There had to be something in here, something this woman was hiding.

Dru - 2-8-02 at 06:02 PM

Nicole heard a small whimper from the corner of the carriage, but no other sound after Katherine spoke a few soft words.


Satine - 2-8-02 at 06:05 PM

Nicole's senses prickled. She was sure she'd just heard a whimper. She made her way slowly over to where she heard it come from. Nicole reached her hand out, and to her shock felt something in the other wise empty carriage.

Dru - 3-8-02 at 05:40 AM

Whatever she had touched moved suddenly again, and made another noise. She could hear Katherine outside the carriage growing restless.


Satine - 3-8-02 at 05:49 PM

It moved! That meant whatever Nicole had felt was alive. A prisoner perhaps? Nic moved closer and put both her hands on it. It was warm...yes, definitely an animate object. An animal, or a person.

Dru - 3-8-02 at 07:24 PM

"Are you quite finished nosing around my carriage?" Katherine intoned coolly, Nicole by the tone of her voice could tell she was growing impatient with both Louis and herself.


Satine - 3-8-02 at 07:27 PM

"Ummm..." Nicole frantically searched for an excuse.

"Just admiring the exceptionally nice, err, interiors...yes, very nice. Do you carry anything in particular around, you know, like animals, people - that sort of thing?" she asked in the most innocent tone of voice she could muster.

Dru - 3-8-02 at 07:36 PM

Katherine sighed, this girl was far to nosey for her own well-being, "Well to be perfectly honest it is not mine." Katherine replied, "It belongs to Madame Gabrielle De LaRue." Nicoel recognized the name, but she couldn't place why.
"So I would not know what she carries in here, I'm simply borrowing it to do some of her bidding."


Satine - 3-8-02 at 08:01 PM

For a friend? Was she hiding something? And this friend, Nicole was sure she recognised the name, but no face she could think of matched it.

"Oh right," said Nicole absent mindedly as her eyes slowly started to grow accustomed to the dark. She was slowly making out a silhouette of a small person, and as they moved she could see two wide open eyes seemingly staring right through her. Nicole gasped inwardly in shock, but kept her cool.

"Hello...are you alright?" she whispered.

Dru - 3-8-02 at 08:09 PM

The small child was a boy and he shook his head 'no' vehemently. He was to frightened to speak to Nicole.
"Well? are you quite done in there? Gabrielle will not appreciate if I don't get this done for her." Katherine stated, looking more and more frustrated with Nicole the longer she refused to leave the carriage.


Satine - 3-8-02 at 08:15 PM

Nicole ignored Katherine's shouts from outside. She didn't even want to think what kind of state this person could be in. they looked small enough to be a child though. Nic found their hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

"it's ok, you can trust me - I want to help. You see I'm a fighter, I fight the bad things and help good people. Are you hurt?"

Dru - 3-8-02 at 08:18 PM

The boy shook his head again, he wasn't hurt.
"My mother, that woman out there hurt her...I think." The small boy whispered, clutching to Nicole's hand. He wasn't any older than 7 and he was obviously african-american by the skintone.


Satine - 3-8-02 at 08:24 PM

Oh God... Nicole moved closer to the boy and held him tight. She started pondering how she could get the boy away from the carriage without the woman noticing.

"My name is Nicole. I am going to help you, so try not to be frightened. I'll find your mother, you just have to trust me. What's your name?" Nicole whispered close to the boy.

- Nicole

Dru - 3-8-02 at 11:46 PM

"Caleb." the boy whispered, looking at Nicole and then to the carriage door, Katherine seemed to be wrapped up in an icy conversation with Louis at the moment, perhaps he had realized that Nicole was 'looking' at the interior of the carriage much too long for their not to be something in there.


Satine - 4-8-02 at 10:51 AM

"Caleb. Right Caleb, you have to be ever so quiet so the lady outside doesn't hear us."
Nicole felt a pang in her chest for this boy. She needed to find his mother, but without Katherine noticing. Nicole was really stuck for ideas as to how to get out....

- Nicole

David-Thomas Leek - 4-8-02 at 03:06 PM

Louis coughed and tried to make casual conversation with the woman. "So, uh, that was a nice party, aye?" He said trying his best to distract the woman. Nicole was obviously taking a lot of time in there for a reason, and he thought he'd help her out. "Umm, when you were walking here, I think I saw you drop something."

Louis too her arm and lead her in the opposite direction, "Here I'll show you." He tired to take her away from the carriage.


Dru - 4-8-02 at 05:27 PM

"I'm most certainly sure I didn't." Katherine argued, trying to get Louis to release her arm. What she did not realize is that Nicole had escaped the carriage with Caleb and was making her way out of site of the two of them.


Satine - 4-8-02 at 05:37 PM

Nicole heard Louis and the woman's voices fade away, and footsteps moving away from the carriage.

"Stay here Caleb, I'm just going to check what's going on outside."

Nicole tiptoed to the door and pressed her ear so she could hear if they were still there. She couldn't ear anything, so ever so slightly opened the door and peeped out. She could see Louis leading the woman away. Nicole grabbed Caleb's hand.

"My friend Louis has taken her away. Follow me, and remember, be as quiet as you possibly can. Don't worry, I'll keep you safe."

Nicole gently led Caleb out of the carriage, constantly keeping her sharp eyes on Louis and the woman.

- Nicole

Dru - 4-8-02 at 05:50 PM

As Nicole and Caleb made there escape Louis was still trying to occupy Katherine, who was steadily growing short-tempered with the man.
"Would you please release me, I'm sure you woudln't be so rude as to keep me from my errands." Katherine said to Louis, glancing back at the carriage and seeing nothing different.

"Won't the woman realize i'm missing?" Caleb whispered, trying to be as quiet as possible.


Satine - 4-8-02 at 05:57 PM

Nicole looked ferverently around her as she walked briskly, grasping Caleb's hand as tight as possible.

"Yes, she will. But when she does we'll be far away from her, you don't need to worry. For now we'll find a safe place to hide you, and I'll get some of my friends to find your mother."

Nicole headed for the slave quarters. It seemed the most secluded and safe place. While they were walking, Nicole cautiously asked the child "What did that woman do to your mother, Caleb?"

- Nicole

Dru - 4-8-02 at 06:01 PM

"She burned here, flame just appeared from nowhere." Caleb replied, "My mother's hand was blackened, thats all I saw before she took me from the quarters, nobody could stop her." He explained, the childish fear leaving his voice for the time being.


Satine - 4-8-02 at 06:37 PM

Nicole and Caleb were out of sight of Louis and Katherine by now, and nearing the slave quarters.

"Oh..." Nicole trailed off. She didn't know if this was anything supernatural or not. All she knew to do right now was to protect Caleb and assign her friends to find his mother.

"We'll try and find some of my friends to help us. Keep hold of my hand, and if anything tries to stop us, I'll deal with it."

She patted the stake carefully hidden in her underclothes, and led Caleb through the slave quarters to look for Melissa and Cain.

- Nicole

David-Thomas Leek - 5-8-02 at 01:36 AM

"Oh, I suppose I was mistaken," he said, after turning to notice Nicole taking away a small dark boy from the carriage. "I apologize madam for taking your time. Have a safe trip home now. You must be careful after dark around these parts." Louis gave her a flourishing bow and turned away.

He then made his way to the Slave's Quarters where he though he saw Nicole head off to.

Dru - 5-8-02 at 03:40 AM

Katherine did not look happy when she realized they had taken the boy, Gabrielle had worked for weeks trying to find the perfect child, and now that girl and her accomplice and taken him.


Within the slave quarter's Glenn, Cain & Melissa had all moved outside to find the mother and question her.


DemonKnight - 7-8-02 at 01:24 PM

Glenn walked up to the crowd and his status as a priest had commanded repect and for people to move aside. Laying a hand on the mother's shoulder he said to her, "My child won't you please tell me what has you so upset?"

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 7-8-02 at 05:23 PM

The woman looked at Glenn, "A woman with red hair came in and took Caleb and when I tried to stop her she burnt my hand." The woman brought her hand up to eye-level, it was darker than the rest of her skin and blistered badly.
"She disappeared before I could try anything else, and she has my boy. My poor little son. He's only 7, he doesn't know what happened." She burst into tears again.


DemonKnight - 7-8-02 at 08:49 PM

Glenn took her in his arms, and turned hsi head towards Cain. "Cain could you get this woman some clean water and something to sit down on, i need to clean and bless the wound."

Glenn knew it was brunt by the unholy arts and thus he needed to cleanse it thouroghly or this woman could be in a lot of pain be it in this life or the next.


Satine - 9-8-02 at 09:37 PM

Nicole clutched onto Caleb's hand as she searched for her friends. he spotted Cain, Melissa and Glenn over by an African American woman she suspected to be Caleb's mother.

"Here's my friends...they'll help us find your mother," said Nicole to Caleb, with a reassuring smile and a squeeze on his hand. She headed over to Melissa, Cain and Glenn.


Dru - 9-8-02 at 09:52 PM

Even before they could see the woman clearly Caleb had raced over to her and wrapped his little arms around her waist.


TheStickboy - 10-8-02 at 06:22 AM

Melissa looked up and saw Nicole walking towards the slave quarters. Then she saw the boy.

"I guess this is Caleb." She said to Glenn.

Satine - 10-8-02 at 07:04 PM

Nicole smiled as the boy and his mother were re-united.

"Melissa, Glenn. This is Caleb, and I see that's his mother? Any idea what happened? When I tried to ask him he just clammed up..."

Nicole lowered her voice and spoke Melissa and Glenn, as the boy and mother lay embracing.


DemonKnight - 10-8-02 at 07:49 PM

"Sorcerery of the darkest form," Glenn said as he smiled to the Slaeyer. As Cain was else where he got a stool for the mother to sit on and cleansed the wound and blessed it.

"Where did you find Caleb?" He asked to Nicole as he stepped to the side with her.


Satine - 11-8-02 at 09:24 AM

"Well, I'd met up with someone else in the trade. Freelance slayer I think, Louis was his name. Anyway, I spotted a rather ominous carriage in the distance, so we went to investigate." Nicole lowered her voice again.

"I managed to talk my way past a rather obnoxious woman standing by it, and I got myself into the carriage. Caleb was in there, and not in too good a state either. Louis distracted the woman, whilst i got Caleb out and away as quickly as possible."

Nicole glanced over to the mother and son.

"I'm worried about them."


DemonKnight - 11-8-02 at 02:14 PM

"You should be, i think who ever did this has magic of great power." He said, "I think we should investigate, but i think we should keep an eye on Caleb and his mother, i should take them back to the church i can set some beds up there for them in the vestry, i should be able to protec themif the time calls."

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 11-8-02 at 06:43 PM

That was the best course of action, especially since it was not likely that Katherine would search for the mother and son in such a place.


DemonKnight - 14-8-02 at 10:20 PM

"Nicole, Melissa could you accompany me to the Church, or do you have to report back to your watcher, Nicole." He ushered the Mother and Caleb to follow him, and left, hoping the two girls would follow.

-Fr Glenn

Lorisha Fangs - 15-8-02 at 01:37 AM

Cain walked up intime to hear father Glenn ask Nicole to go with him to his church. "I'll go with you Nicole. If you want me to" he said to his friend.

Dru - 15-8-02 at 04:00 AM

Melissa, Glenn and Nicole headed here

Cain would stay behind with a physical description of Louis and wait for the other man, Cain had agreed to meet at the church once he found Louis.


Lorisha Fangs - 16-8-02 at 08:50 PM

Cain walked around looking for the man that Nicole had described to him. "Who is this guy anyway?" He starting to talking to himself because he was getting incredibly bored not being able to find this man.

Dru - 17-8-02 at 02:19 AM

Cain found Louis quickly and the two ended up here