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William & Augustin's Search
Dru - 22-7-02 at 08:25 PM

William and Augustin stepped into Augustin's carriage after she had found her driver.


slayer_dude - 22-7-02 at 08:52 PM

William sat uncomfortably in the carriage, not able to relax. He sat quietly, looking straight ahead for fear of looking rude after this very pretty girl had been so nice to him. He wondered just what year it was, the last time he checked it was August, 1692.


Liz - 22-7-02 at 10:15 PM

Augustin glanced over at William, who seemed to be very tense. "William, there is no reason for you to seem so's just a carriage ride." She said, smiling softly. For some reason he didn't seem like a threat to her, maybe she'd been wrong about him being a vampire.

"You remember where the old Kurnick home is right?" Augustin asked her driver, still a little fuzzy as to where it was located.


Dru - 24-7-02 at 01:25 AM

The driver nodded, "Yes Madame, I do." He replied, heading away from the plantation.


Liz - 25-7-02 at 07:40 PM

"Very well, could you take us there quickly." Augustin asked, she'd never been one to order her servants around. She thought of them as friends, not employee's.

"If you don't mind me asking William, how long have you been away from New Orleans to have forgotten where your family's home is?" She asked, hoping she wasn't being rude or nosey.


Dru - 31-7-02 at 05:11 PM

As the carriage progressed, the two talked every so often. Augustin asking him a few more questions. He still seemed a bit out of it, but much less than before.


slayer_dude - 6-8-02 at 08:00 PM

"I'm not entirely sure," William started quite gently, wincing as he recieved a throbbing pain from the bite mark on his neck. He rubbed it as gently as possible before he continued "please tell me, what is the date today?"


Liz - 7-8-02 at 07:42 PM

Augustin gave William a funny look, quickly hiding the fact that she found his question on. "The date today would be the 16th of July, and the year is 1769." She said, looking over at him. "Do you have an injury on your neck?" Augustin asked piletly, noticing he'd winced and touched his neck.


slayer_dude - 7-8-02 at 07:53 PM

William looked amazed as Augustin told him the date, "77 years" he whispered as he worked it out, wide-eyed. He glanced down at the wound on his neck "Yes, I was bitten by a vampire and it's almost healed but it's still hurting a little," he said politely before realising he had spoken of vampire's which he was strictly forbidden to do to anyone outside his family. He became even more uncomfortable than earlier and fidgeted about in his seat, hoping she hadn't noticed what he said.


Liz - 7-8-02 at 07:57 PM

Augustin sighed, "Those evil monsters, they can't leave anyone alone." She muttered, trying to keep her haterd for vampires in check. "Have you had it clean and such, you don't want the wound to get infected.....and may I ask you aren't a vampire yourself are you?" Augustin shifted further away from William just in case he was a vampire.


slayer_dude - 7-8-02 at 08:03 PM

"You... know about vampires?" William asked in a very hushed tone, astonished as he pushed some of his long hair out of his eyes. "I don't know if it was cleaned... I sort of woke up..." He stopped as he looked out of the carriage at the sky. "No, I'm not a vampire," he said quietly as he gazed up.


Liz - 7-8-02 at 10:15 PM

"Sadly yes I know about vampires, I wish that I did not...but I do." Augustin said, her tone rather monotone. "And you should have it looked at if you just woke up and it hadn't been cleaned." She added, moving over to look at his neck closer. Her motherly habits taking over.

"That is very good to hear, I would have had to have been very frightened if you were a vampire." Augustin smiled softly, her beautiful features lighting up when she did so.


slayer_dude - 8-8-02 at 12:55 PM

William again touched the scar ever-so-gingerly. "I think it has healed now, it was open before but now it has closed - there's no more blood." He smiled awkwardly at her.

He smiled a very small smile to her and momentarily gazed at her face. He tore himself away and said "How... did you come to find about vampires?"


Liz - 8-8-02 at 07:29 PM

Augusting smiled back, "As long as your sure the wound is healed, you don't want it re-opening and getting infected at some point in time....especially not around this area wit hall the dieaseas swirling around." She said, refuring to the lower class parts of the city.

"How did I come to find out about vampires? Through my father really, he brought us here when he was working for the council of watchers and while here he ended up dying. And he never told my sisters and myself that he was a watcher, and appearantly he'd been on to something going on around here before he passed away. So about 6 months ago a member of the council came to speak to me about what he'd been on to, and unknowly informed me of the existences of vampires." Augusting paused, realizing she'd just been going on and on. "And that would be how I found out about them."


slayer_dude - 8-8-02 at 08:27 PM

Looking confused, William asked - "Council of watchers?" He knew they must have some relevance to vampires, but having never heard of them he was quite intrigued.


Liz - 9-8-02 at 02:46 AM

Augustin blushed, realizing she'd not explained the council yet. "They Council of Watchers our who basically run the matters concerning the Slayer. and the Slayer is who has been spent to fight Vampires, demons and anything else that is horribly evil." She said, hoping that was a good enough explonation since she herself was still getting used to the whole idea.

"Watchers also train the slayer to fight vampires, and when one slayer dies another one will always be called." Augustin added, pushing a loose curl away from her face.


slayer_dude - 9-8-02 at 09:27 AM

"Oh," William said, "My family... we had heard of the slayer, we were trying to track her down but as she was such a close-guarded secret we couldn't find out anything. It's a shame, she would have been a great help..." William's face was now quite sad, he found it so hard to get his mind around the fact that all of his family were gone.


Liz - 9-8-02 at 08:12 PM

Augustin "Yes, the watchers keep her well hidden...for her safety." She said, looking over at William. "Great help? for what reason?" Augustin asked, hoping she wasn't being nosey.

"Have we arrived at the house yet?" She asked, talking to her driver.


Dru - 9-8-02 at 08:58 PM

There was a large sprawling plantation to their left and it looked a bit forlorn, like nobody have lived in it for awhile.


slayer_dude - 10-8-02 at 01:21 PM

"My family, we..." William started. This girl had been extremely kind to him, he felt he could tell her. Anyway, he was still completely dis-orientated and couldn't honestly be bothered making up any excuses. He saw the plantation and grew very excited - "Is this it?" He said, eyes wide with excitement.


Liz - 10-8-02 at 08:47 PM

Augustin nodded, "I think this is the old house." She said, looking at her driver to see. "What did your family do?" Augustin asked, noticing he hadn't finished his sentence.


Dru - 10-8-02 at 09:04 PM

The carriage halted in front of the gates.


slayer_dude - 13-8-02 at 02:45 PM

William's eyes were gleaming with delight as the carriage stopped. He grabbed Augustin's wrist a little more strongly than he intended and opened the door to the carriage. "I've been waiting to see this house for almost a hundred years," he grinned. "I just hope I can find it...." he muttered as he walked quickly towards the house, still holding onto Augustin's arm.


Liz - 13-8-02 at 05:23 PM

Augustin giggled and allowed herself to be drug along behind William. "Hundred Years? You must age well don't look any older then 30 possibly." She smirked, hidding the confusion that statement just caused.

"I've never seen someone so happy to see a old house before, I've never even seen my Kiefer or Nan so happy to be hom." Augustin said, her mind pausing momentarily to wonder how her little children were doing.


Dru - 13-8-02 at 05:52 PM

The duo reached the front door, despite the overgrown grass and shrubbery. The door was unlocked and they headed inside.


slayer_dude - 13-8-02 at 06:07 PM

"I planned to build this," William explained "right before I died." He looked into the house in amazement. He didn't realise what he'd just told Augustin. "I need you to help me find my sword," he said, gazing around the house in wonder.


Liz - 14-8-02 at 05:08 AM

"You died?...but I thought you said you weren't a vampire...." Augustin said, grabbing the hidden stake from her under-skirts. "What does this sword look like? and you won't be planning on killing me with it will you?" She asked, her fears slowly rising as she realized she was in the middle of nowhere with a complete stranger practically.


slayer_dude - 14-8-02 at 09:08 AM

"But I'm not a vampire," William insisted. He sat down on a stool, everything that was happening was making him feel a little dizzy. After a couple of deep breaths the word didn't spin quite so much. He took one final deep breath, he was about to tell Augustin a lot.

"I should probably tell you from the beginning, it will help you to understand fully... Ok, my family were demon hunters. The Kurnick's. From the moment we could crawl we were trained to fight and kill the vampires and demons that were running through the world, to protect the innocent people that lived there." William said, with a distinct tone of pride in his voice.

"I myself was one of the strongest warrior's that there were. My brother on the other hand was not, he was lazy and obsessed with ale and whores. The year was 1669. I had been on the tail of a demon that lead me to these parts, though they were quite different back then..."

William paused, preparing himself for what he was about to say, this was quite possibly the hardest thing to admit - "My father had been t..turned by a vampire. When I saw him I was dumbstruck, I couldn't move." His gaze became fixed on a random object in the room as he re-lived the night in his mind. "He fed off me, killed me.... but when I died, my soul went to... I think it was heaven. I was made an angel because of all the work I'd done on this world. I don't know how long exactly I was there but I saw the Kurnick legacy start to go down. As I had not had a child, my brother was the only one left and he did not care enough to train his child. The last Kurnick died and I pleaded with the God to send me back here, to let the Kurnick legacy continue. Eventually it consented, however I still hold some of my powers as an angel... I just, I didn't know it would be quite so hard...." He swallowed hard as his eyes filled with water.

He stood up abruptly and shook his head. "The sword - the Kurnick. It was passed to the strongest warrior of each generation. It's made of a very strong metal, the hilt is green and silver. The blade, though quite ornate is very strong." William stopped, taking another very deep breath. "I'm sorry if I frightened you earlier."


Liz - 14-8-02 at 07:26 PM

Augustin stared dumbstruck at him, unable to fathom what William had just said, it sounded to unreal to be true. "So your an ex-angelic being?" She asked softly, she pushed her hair aside and tried composing herself again. "I forgive you, I'm easlily frightened these days..." Augustin stated, smiling softly.

"So your not dead? That is truly a comforting thought." She added, wandering around the entryway of the house. "Where do you think your family would have kept your sword?"


slayer_dude - 14-8-02 at 07:34 PM

He smiled bashfully back at Augustin as he nodded. It really was not like him to talk to anyone all that much, or indeed at all. He often thought that by being closed off from almost all of the 'normal world' it made him a stronger warrior.

"I'm not dead," he said indignantly "I am essentially mortal... except... well you know, certain things harm me more easily and likewise I have certain... powers."

He took a pause as a sudden thought occured to him- "I'm really not supposed to reveal the secret of the legacy to anyone. I trust you will keep it an ut-most confidence?" He asked whilst searching for the sword. "Unfortunately I have no idea where the infidels that lived here would have left the Kurnick, I just hope it is here."


Dru - 15-8-02 at 04:04 AM

They had searched the lower rooms and found nothing, so it would be in one of the upper chambers most likely.


Liz - 15-8-02 at 07:27 PM

"I promise not to tell anyone about your family." Augustin said, smiling softly. "And it appears the sword isn't down here, it might be best if we search upstairs." She said, heading for the massive staircase in the entry way. "And it' is a very big relief to know you are not dead, I was frightened for a second." Augustin said, glancing back over her shoulder at William as she began going up the stairs.


slayer_dude - 15-8-02 at 07:34 PM

"Thankyou," William said, smiling earnestly. "This house, it's almost exactly how I pictured it..." he said, smiling briefly, before turning his view to the upstairs.

He walked into one of the rooms, indicating to Augustin to look in a different one, that way they could search for the sword more quickly.


Liz - 15-8-02 at 07:48 PM

Augustin headed into the room acrossed the way from the one William went into, calling "This house is amazing, and you thought it up?" She pushing a loose curl out of her eyes, this house almost compared to her plantation in size, and beauty.

"I have not found any trace of the sword yet, but I'm sure we'll find it." Augustin added, scanning the dusty dank room again.


Dru - 15-8-02 at 08:51 PM

The sword was not in any of the rooms, it was leaned against the farthest wall of the hall wrapped within a linen blanket. It seemed their search was over.


slayer_dude - 15-8-02 at 09:50 PM

William giggled as he pulled the sword out from the linen. His bright blue eyes were shining so much it only just looked natural. His smile was amazing, even with the scars on his face and wound on his neck he still looked positively angelic.

"Thankyou so much," He beamed, tossing the sword about with highly talented swordsmanship, still grinning. After several minutes he walked closer to Augustin. "Where do you want to go to now Augustin?" He was still grinning like a child who had just found his favourite toy.


Liz - 16-8-02 at 07:10 PM

Augustin smiled at William's child like behavior. "Your welcome William, and returning to the party might be a wise plan, I should probably find Nicole and the rest of the group." She said, realizing they probably hadn't even known she'd left the plantation party.


slayer_dude - 16-8-02 at 07:28 PM

William nodded and started to walk down the stairs, proudly admiring his sword. A little worried when he thought he found a nick in the blade, he found it only to be a small stain that he simply wiped off. "Who is Nicole, if you don't mind me asking."


Liz - 16-8-02 at 07:43 PM

"Oh I'm sorry, how rude of me not to mention who she is, Nicole is the present slayer." Augustin said, following William down the stairs. "And would it be all right if we were to stop by my home so I may check on my children? I'm sure their nanny is getting horribly worried that I've not arrived home yet." She said, sounding her proper self again, she often went in and out of her high class upbringing mannerism.

~ Augustin

slayer_dude - 16-8-02 at 07:55 PM

William nodded, quite intrigued to meet a slayer. "You have children?" He asked, quite suprised. "Where is your husband? Was he at the party?" He may have been asking a lot of questions but his up-bringing taught him how to fight, not how to behave and to act properly.


Liz - 16-8-02 at 08:01 PM

Augustin nodded, "Yes I have twins, Kiefer and Nan, and my husband passed away a little while ago." She said, her voice trailing off softly at the mention of her husband's passing. "You do not mind if we check on them do you?" Augustin asked, pulling her shawl around her shoulders as they started towards the door of the house.

"And I'm sure Nicole will be pleased to meet another person fighting for the safety of man kind." She added, smiling softly.


slayer_dude - 16-8-02 at 08:22 PM

"Oh," Said William, feeling guilty for mentioning her husband after she had been so kind to him. "I'm very sorry," he said, putting the sword in it's sheath and attatching it to his waist. "And no I don't mind at all," he smiled as he held the front door open for her. On occasion he found he did have some manners.


Dru - 16-8-02 at 09:04 PM

The two would head to Augustin's plantation to check on the children then return to the party to rejoin with whomever would still be there.


Liz - 17-8-02 at 04:18 AM

Augustin smiled, "Don't be sorry, you didn't know that my husband had passed on, I've learned to cope and deal with his untimely death." She said, walking through the door William held open for her. "And thank you, I'm sure it will not take that long to check on them." Augustin said, walking towards the carriage with William walking behind her.


slayer_dude - 17-8-02 at 09:42 AM

"It does not matter anyway. There's nothing for me to do right now anyway, until we meet your friends of course. Are there many vampires around here now? I should very much like to kill some..." he realised he must have sounded quite psychotic but he needed revenge following what happened to his father. He realised that he was asking a lot of questions too, it seemed as though now someone had finally spoken to him she had opened the floodgates.


Liz - 17-8-02 at 04:30 PM

Augustin laughed at the sea of questions, "Yes, it seem there are many vampire nests here in New Orleans, or at least it seems to be that way." She said, completely understanding the fact that William wanted to take revenge on the vampires for his father's death. "And I'll apoligise now for my children, they may ask you many questions while we're there." Augustin said, smiling softly.

~ Augustin

Dru - 17-8-02 at 04:51 PM

William and Augustin went here.