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The Church
Dru - 15-8-02 at 03:59 AM

Melissa, Nicole and Glenn had reached the arguably large church with Caleb and his mother safely, it was decided that while Glenn got them a place to sleep set up that the two woman would be lookouts, just to make sure they hadn't been followed.

Nicole and Melissa were sitting on either side of the last pews in the sanctuary, Nicole had been in the middle of filling the other girl in on everything that had happened after they split up in the Plantation yard. Though both were watching the doors every so often, because the wooden doors were not locked and anybody could stray into the church.


Satine - 16-8-02 at 08:42 PM

Nicole finished telling Melissa about what had happened with Caleb.

"We definitely need to investigate that woman at the carriage... and her connection with Gabrielle. It could be the start of something fishy round this city," said Nicole thoughtfully, twisting the laces from her corset around her finger as she stared up into the high beams of the church.

"And I need to find out what powers were used on Caleb's mother. We'll let her rest first. Do you agree Melissa?"


TheStickboy - 16-8-02 at 09:18 PM

Melissa shrugged. "Sure... but it is just vampires we're dealing with here? Right?" She didn't like the idea of getting involved in the lives of other people, especially those who use black magic.

Satine - 16-8-02 at 09:43 PM

Nicole looked uncertain.

"Well, I'm really not sure, yes I think magick will be involved in this investigation judging by what happened to Caleb's mother." Nicole caught on to Melissa's worried expression.

"Don't worry - we can sort this out."


TheStickboy - 16-8-02 at 09:48 PM

Melissa smiled nervously. "I hope so..." She looked down. Vampires and demons she knew how to handle. Magick was something she couldn't see, or shove a stake through.

DemonKnight - 16-8-02 at 10:17 PM

Glenn handed Melssa a brush, "While your here you may as well be useful, the church has been slightly negelected since i began my 'new' duties around here."

While he continued dusting the pews and the walls of the church, he hoped the small family would be safe in the vestry of the church. "Nicole could you check on Caleb and his mother?"

-Fr Glenn

Satine - 16-8-02 at 10:29 PM

Nicole looked up and smiled.

"Certainly. Excuse me." Nicole replied, and made her way accross the church to the vestry. She opened the door and stepped inside where Caleb and his mother lay.

Dru - 17-8-02 at 02:17 AM

Caleb was sound asleep but his mother, Adeena was not quite as peaceful. She looked worried, almost scared and she jumped when Nicole entered the room.


Meanwhile Glenn and Melissa were 'tidying' up the church and watching for any activity outside that might need their attention, it seemed fairly quiet though and it was clear that they had not been followed.


Satine - 17-8-02 at 07:51 AM

"Sorry" whispered Nicole as she tiptoed in and carefully closed the door.

"I didn't mean to frighten you. Don't worry, you're safe here. I just came to check if you were alright." She went and sat herself down next to Caleb's mother.

"My name is Nicole. I just thought maybe you could tell me a bit about what happened? Then me and my friends can start investigating."


Dru - 17-8-02 at 04:57 PM

Adeena nodded, relaxing a bit, "I was just about to put Caleb to bed when the woman -Katherine you were calling her- entered our home. I thought she was a guest that had strayed from the main house." Adeena paused as she saw Caleb roll over and sigh, she lowered her voice a little to keep from waking her son up, "I was about to tell her that she was far from the master's gathering when she impolitely ordered me to give her my son. Saying something about him being the perfect sacrifice for some ritual." Adeena paused again, "I wouldn't let her have him and as I went for my cabinet to find something to fend her off with, flame exploded...not normal flame it was blood red, or possibly even black. It burnt my skin as you can see." Adeena finished, "After that I cannot remember what happened, my mind was clouded to thoroughly with the pain." She looked at Nicole, hoping that her explanation would help them in their search to figure this out.


TheStickboy - 17-8-02 at 11:35 PM

Melissa mumbled, annoyed that she be stuck cleaning up the church. She did enough of that at work...

"So, Gle- Father... what was it that brought you to the plantation this evening? You wern't there hunting vampires, or else you'd have at least brought a stake..."

Dru - 17-8-02 at 11:41 PM

Cain and Louis entered the church quietly, acknowledging their entrance so that Melissa and Glenn knew they were there.


DemonKnight - 17-8-02 at 11:50 PM

Glenn promtly handed them cleaning materials and smiled as they entered. "You can call me Glenn here Melissa, i need to keep up the station in public, to keep up appearances." He said as he smiled a handsome smile. "I was there as a guest, but i dislike carrying any form of weapon, apart from my body, and my crucifix, they are all the weapons i will ever need."

-Fr Glenn

Satine - 19-8-02 at 08:02 PM

Nicole frowned and rubbed her thrumbs together thoughtfully.

"I don't know that much about magick and powers... but I do know that using powers like that is truly evil." Nicole reached out and patted Adeena's hand.

"I'm very sorry about what you went through. But it's over now, and I have plenty of friends to make sure this is sorted out."


Dru - 19-8-02 at 08:33 PM

Adeena smiled, thankful the for solace and comfort this group of people were giving her son and herself.
"That woman was using dark magick, yes. And strong magick, which means she could have done nearly anything to Caleb...but she didn't, did she?" Adeena had not seen any signs of harm to her son, but she had not found Caleb. Nicole had, but even she did not know if Caleb had been harmed. Which gave them both cause to worry.


The group in the Sanctuary had fallen silent again, it seemed conversation had fallen greatly among the group. They were all weighing what had happened tonight and trying to come to their own conclusions. The question now was who would voice theirs first?


TheStickboy - 24-8-02 at 01:06 AM

The silence was beginning to bother Melissa. She tried ajusting the chords on her corset, but nothing could poissibly make it any less comfortable. All she wanted was to be without the vertebrae of a whale in any article of clothing she owned.

She clear her throat loudly. "...So...are we just going to sit here, or are we going to find out who worked the bad voodoo?"

Dru - 24-8-02 at 04:14 PM

Melissa had a relevant point. It would help if the group would actually discuss and not just stare blankly at each other.


DemonKnight - 25-8-02 at 01:58 AM

"Our first priority should be making sure our guest are safe for the night." Glenn said as he dusted a statue of the Virgin Mary. "If they still want Caleb, they will have to descrcate this holy place."

-Fr Glenn

Satine - 25-8-02 at 03:25 PM

Nicole smiled at Adeena and the sleeping boy.

"I'll leave you to get some rest now. You know where Father Glenn, Melissa or I am if you need anything." Nicole got up and walked out quietly, slowly shutting the door behind her, and joined Melissa and Glenn in the church.

"They're fine in there. Adeena told me about what happened."


Lorisha Fangs - 25-8-02 at 11:45 PM

Cain turned and listened to Melissa while he pretended to be dusting a statue of Jesus Christ. "Good point" He siad putting down the rag. " You need a made or some nuns Glenn, I'm not good in the cleaning part of life. Walking to sit in a pew that was by where everyone was talking.

David-Thomas Leek - 1-9-02 at 04:37 PM

Louis fingered the walking stick weapon as they discussed the situation. He wondered why the woman had not gone after them or used her magick when they got in her way. He wondered how much danger they had been in, and how they would deal with the woman if she returned. After a few minutes of thought, he came to the conclusion that magick or no, sticking a stake in her heart would kill her just as dead as any vamp.

"Perhaps we should try to track down that woman."

DemonKnight - 1-9-02 at 08:37 PM

"That may not be advisable just yet, unless any of us are profeciant wielders of the dark arts." Turning to the new comer. "But we cannot stay here all night, if we attack her with a full frontal assault i expect us all not to come of very well."

Turning to Cain chuckling. "Unfortuanlty im the only one posted at this area Cain, due to my exceptional circumstances."

-Fr Glenn

Dru - 2-9-02 at 04:42 PM

As the small group discussed their plans and what they should or should not do about Katherine, some opinions seemed to be to opposite and other plans seemed to be to insane to work. And all seemed to preoccupied to realize that the grounds outside the church were not empty.

Ignoring of course the usual drunkards that were in the taverns along the river.


OOC: Dave, Buffy & Liz...this is your characters cue ^_^

Liz - 7-9-02 at 04:55 PM

Augustin looked up at the church, then over to Tammin and William. "Should we check inside?" She asked, waiting for a reply from either William or Tammin.


slayer_dude - 8-9-02 at 09:10 AM

"Pardon me, but vampires rarely tend to enter places of whorship....." William started, his mind obviously focusing on vampires, not finding Augustin's friends. "Oh yes, I forgot we were looking for your friends," he said, looking down because he felt embarrased. "Perhaps we'd best look inside the church," he said sharply.

He looked up at the looming church and he caught his breath. For a small while he had been distracted from remembering exactly where he had been, how happy he had felt. It came rushing back and it physically hurt him. Taking a deep breath, he hoped that it didn't show too much. He walked boldly up to the church door and pulled it open for Augustin and Tammin.


Satine - 8-9-02 at 03:33 PM

Nicole looked up as she heard the church door open. Her slayer instincts automatically kicked in, as she jumped up and stepped protectively in front of the others. Her msucles tensed up as she took a fighting stance.

"Who's there?" she called.


Liz - 8-9-02 at 09:30 PM

"Nicole?" Augustin said, looking at the Slayer in her attack mode. "What are you doing in here?" She asked, just now realizing that it was pure dumb luck that the group had found them.


Satine - 8-9-02 at 10:08 PM

"Augustin!" Nicole exclaimed, walking hurriedly towards her friend.

"I'm here protecting a woman called Adeena and her son, Caleb. We've discovered lots of helpful things, I've ever so much to tell you!" She motioned to a pew and invited her to sit down, then spotted William by the doorway.

"By the looks of things, so have you" she said.


Buffy - 9-9-02 at 07:22 AM

Tammin followed Augustin inside, she was glad to see her slayer was ok, she looks over at the lady and young child and decided to tell Nicole about her little chat with Gabrielle soon.

- Tammin

ooc: Adeena and Caleb are hidden away asleep in another room ;)

Liz - 9-9-02 at 08:26 PM

Augustin smiled taking a seat on the pew, "Yes, I have many things to speak with you about..." She said, trailing off, she glanced over her shoulder to motion William to come in, that everything was okay. "Though, Tammin I'm sure has many things to speak with you about as well....." Augustin added, noting that the watcher still had not told either William or herself what she had been doing locked in that room.


slayer_dude - 9-9-02 at 09:01 PM

William smiled graciously to Augustin and perched himself on the edge of the pew. He gave Nicole an awkward smile and sat uncomfortably. He was unused to meeting new people and meeting so many in such a short space of time was quite over-whelming.


TheStickboy - 9-9-02 at 09:46 PM

Melissa got up from the pew and walked over to the assembled group. "I'm glad you're safe." She said to Augustin, then noticed the new guy.

"Who's this?" She asked, gesturing to William.

Satine - 9-9-02 at 09:51 PM

Nicole got up from her pew and curtsied to the stranger.

"My name is Nicole, pleased too meet you" she said politely.

"Yes, Tammin, Augustin - everybody. We have much to discuss, I suggest we move from here and talk properly. Perhaps we could find Adeena and Caleb a more perminant residence?" Nicole questioned, looking towards Glenn, and around at everyone else.


TheStickboy - 9-9-02 at 09:55 PM

Melissa saw Nicole's curtsy and copied it clumsily. "Oh... I'm Melissa," She muttered, fogetting any semblance to manners she was ever taught, and turned to Nicole. "Well, I have to work at the pub tommorow, so they can stay at my house... I guess."

Liz - 9-9-02 at 10:02 PM

"Of if that would be an inconvenionce to Melissa, they may stay at my home...heaven knows I have enough room for them and a small army." Augustin said, hating the fact that she did indeed have a large home which felt empty most days.


slayer_dude - 10-9-02 at 09:15 PM

William rose as the girls curtseyd, looking awkwardly at Augustin, not used to this sort of thing. He was about to extend his hand to Nicole and Melissa when he realised it was covered in blood. He quickly used it to rub his neck, rubbing the would and hoping to cover the large blood-stain running down his shirt. "William Kurnick," he said, staring Nicole in the eye.


Satine - 10-9-02 at 09:51 PM

Nicole smiled warmly.

"Well, now we're all familiar with each other and safe, I really do think we should go somewhere to discuss this... the Church is hardly appropriate" Nicole pressed gently, as she didn't feel that the Church was the right place to discuss black magick and evil.


Dru - 11-9-02 at 11:11 PM

The group went