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The Evenings Patrol
Dru - 12-10-02 at 06:53 PM

Nicole, William, Augustin, and Cain had gone for the evenings patrol, keeping their eyes out for much more than vampires. They were had started with the French Quarter, and would move to the outskirts of the city soon.

Tammin had declined coming along, and had stayed at her flat in hopes of finding more about the woman Gabrielle.


Lorisha Fangs - 13-10-02 at 01:54 AM

Cain walked along side with the group "Nicole are you picking up anything yet?" He asked watching all around for anything out the ordinary.


slayer_dude - 13-10-02 at 09:13 AM

William was tense, but strangely quite happy to be back hunting once again. His hand was on the handle of his sword, praying for a vampire to come along - how he would enjoy decapitating a vampire. A thought crossed his mind quite suddenly - is it possible that his father was still one of the undead creatures roaming this Earth? He shuddered, forcing the thought from his mind. He noted he would have to try and remember he was not just looking out for himself in this fight but Augustin, Cain and Nicole too. Although he was sure Nicole could take care of herself, it would still be best to bear them all in mind. He kept his eyes sharp, on the lookout for any sign of a vampire or demon or any such creature.


Satine - 13-10-02 at 03:15 PM

Nicole looked around them and scrunched her nose up in thought. She wasn't detecting anything yet, she didn't feel those hairs prickle on the back of her neck, the rush of blood and adrenaline to her head and the instinctive reaction of her hand clawing for her stake. No, there wasn't anything abnormal near the group.

"I am not sensing anything that could be of danger to us, Cain - thank goodness." Nicole smiled and let her body relax and come off guard for a moment. The evening was chilly, so she shuddered and pulled her shawl around her shoulders more tightly.

"Everything seems to be fairly calm in our dear city tonight... almost abnormally so" she added, a hint of suspicion in her voice.


Dru - 13-10-02 at 06:12 PM

Nicole had the right to feel suspicious, there was nothing of danger near the group but they were being observed.


Liz - 13-10-02 at 09:36 PM

"Am I the only one feeling as if she is being watched?" Augustin asked, knowing she was probably being paranoid (She alwasy was.). Though it was better to ask then to be attacked.

"I'm probably being silly, you know how my mind plays silly tricks on me." She sighed, wondering why she'd been taken along with them on the patrol, instead of staying back and doing research like usual.


slayer_dude - 14-10-02 at 05:21 PM

"I can't help but agree, Augustin," William said, looking shiftily around. "I simply cannot abide this sort of predator - the sort that hides and watches, I much prefer the less cowardly type who comes out to fight," William said loudly. He hoped to taunt the person that was watching them out of their hiding.


Satine - 14-10-02 at 09:58 PM

Nicole shook her head confused. "I am getting mixed signals... I can sense an ominous presence, yet my 'Slayer senses', as it were, just aren't kicking in" she said, grasping her stake and scanning every single square inch of land with her sharp eyes.

"William, dear - I'm not quite sure taunting them is quite the best approach" she said gently. "If they wish to face me and fight me they can make that descision themselves... but I generally find the fight harder if they have been taunted" she explained, smiling so she didn't offend William.


Liz - 15-10-02 at 04:07 AM

Augustin covered her mouth so as to hide the laugh, "I do believe that Nicole is right, I do not want whoever it is showing their face or faces at this very moment, for I'm not skilled and do not wish to be here when a fight breaks out." She said, glancing around her nervously. Augustin moved inbetween Nicole and William, her thinking was that if she was between the two best fighters on this little partol she'd be safe.


Lorisha Fangs - 15-10-02 at 11:11 AM

Cain looked around for few seconds. " Well if it doesn't want to face us. I say we should be on our way then. There has to be a vampire out there tonight just waiting to attack an innocent being, and we need to stop him" He said walking up more towards the group. "Wouldn't you agree Nicole?"

Dru - 15-10-02 at 03:06 PM

From the shadows of the buildings on the left of the group a woman stepped out, laughter echoing.
"Well, it seems you can rally yourselves together...I apologize if you think I'm cowardly for watching, I simply wanted to know who I would be expected to fight." The woman informed them, coming within 5 feet of them.

This woman seemed to be unafraid of the group, even though they carried weapons and she did not.


slayer_dude - 15-10-02 at 03:50 PM

William took a protective step in front of Augustin, although he had a strong sense that Nicole was the leader of the group, so he gave her the respect of leading them. He drew his sword discretely and nodded to Augustin, indicating that she would be fine.


Dru - 15-10-02 at 04:48 PM

"You are expecting a physical fight, eh fallen one?" Gabrielle commented, amused, "Then I'm sorry to dissapoint, I came here for a fight of words and to give you a warning." She told them.


slayer_dude - 15-10-02 at 04:59 PM

William stood flabbergasted. How could Gabrielle possibly have known about his coming back? The only person he had told was Augustin. He sheathed his sword, glaring at the woman. "I simply drew my sword in order that I might protect myself. Your minions were quite aggresive, I thought if you were the same it may be best to defend myself."


Dru - 15-10-02 at 05:23 PM

"They are not my minions, they can follow me if they please. And yes, I will admit they protect when it is unneeded." Gabrielle replied, lazily crossing her arms, "But when dealing with the council and their Slayer you must admit that one must be on their guard." She moved closer to the group, "And really with these Spaniards invading my--this city must cannot help but be extra careful." She then looked at Nicole, "You can put the stake away, girl. It will do no good with me."


Satine - 15-10-02 at 05:59 PM

Nicole nodded at Cain to show acknoledgement of his question, but was concentrating on the woman standing before her. She glowered and gripped her stake even tighter, feeling her muscles tense and her body ready to go. She took a step forward, always aware and thinking of others before herself.

"I am sure I will find that out for myself. What's this nonsense about Spaniards?" she asked aggresively, knowing the rest of the group would be shocked at her sudden change in personality.


Dru - 15-10-02 at 08:15 PM

Gabrielle laughed, "As a woman of french decent I'm a bit upset that they've taken over our lovely city is all." She replied simply, "And the stake will not be needed." with a simple, nearly unseen flick of her wrist the stake disintegrated into nothing more than a pile of sawdust.
"Any further questions, Slayer?"


Satine - 15-10-02 at 08:55 PM

Nicole whipped her head round and motioned for the rest of the group to stay put. She could feel the spare stakes hidden in the whalebone of her corset move as she breathed quickly, and felt safer in the knowledge they were there.

She advanced on Gabrielle, and sprinkled the sawdust in her hand onto the floor.

"Yes, as a matter of fact there are. I agree, this is a beautiful city... but what exactly are you doing in it ruining its elegance?" she asked sharply, cocking her head and awaiting an answer.


Dru - 15-10-02 at 09:00 PM

"I'm here to preserve it." Gabrielle replied, "I've always been here, since its very beginning." She said in reply, "What are you doing here exactly, girl? Keeping those poor settlers from being eaten but vampire swamp-rats?" She laughed, "Not that I would say that was your biggest predictement." It was almost a warning to the young Slayer, "And if you care to try anything do it now, I have better, more important things to do this night than spend it arguing with a child." She paused, looking over the group behind Nicole, "But one thing, if you don't mind my asking, which one would you miss the most among your 'followers'?" She had a cold and softly malicious tone to her voice as she asked.


Satine - 18-10-02 at 02:05 PM

"Child?" Nicole questioned, annoyance showing in her voice. She took a step closer to the other woman. Something inside her prickled at the threat, and she wasn't all that sure it was empty.

"I am here to protect my friends and my city from grievances like you and your kind. Oh... and my friends choose to follow me" she mimicked what Gabrielle had said before.

"I do not have time to stand arguing with insolent women either, so if you'd excuse me" Nicole said firmly through her teeth, as she motioned for the others to follow her and brushed past Gabrielle.


Dru - 18-10-02 at 02:41 PM

Gabrielle laughed, "I think your Watcher has been telling you lies, 'me and my kind'? I've already told you Slayer, I'm not a vampire, nor am I anything your Watcher has ever heard of before." She informed Nicole, halting the group by throwing up a wall of flame 2-3 feet in front of them, it wouldn't hurt them if they attempted to walk through, but to them it looked as real as any fire they'd seen before.


Satine - 19-10-02 at 09:53 AM

Nicole jumped back a little as the flames erupted in front of her. She narrowed her eyes.

"Refrain from putting words in my mouth, if you please - I never said you were a vampire." Nicole spoke coolly, but anger could be heard in her voice. She knew the fire was magickal, but wasn't taking any heroic risks that might cost her friends' lives.

"Come forth, I have nothing more to say to that witch" she hissed to the rest of them, turning on her heel with a final look of disdain at Gabrielle.


Dru - 19-10-02 at 12:15 PM

"Slayer, I suggest you keep a close eye on yourself and your friends if you want to see them live..." Gabrielle warned, letting the firewall fall and walking in the other direction of the group, "You do not take things or people seriously enough."


Lorisha Fangs - 21-10-02 at 12:56 AM

"What is that mad woman? Nicole are we going to continue our patrol or report back to your watcher?" Cain said leaning the blade of his sword on his shoulder walking over towards her.


Liz - 21-10-02 at 03:26 PM

"I would very much like to just go back to Tammin's or the Tavern." Augustin said, she was not up for any more adventures while on partol.


slayer_dude - 21-10-02 at 07:24 PM

William could detect that Augustin was not keen on patrolling, he could detect the fear that was present in his voice. "Pardon me, but I should very much like to carry on patrolling, perhaps try and rid the town of some of the evil that infests it... Augustin, if you should prefer to go back to the tavern, I should happily escort you, then return to patrolling." He smiled as gently as he could at Augustin, but following the witch, whom had annoyed him severely, he now felt very much like a good fight.


Liz - 22-10-02 at 03:37 AM

"I was like that very much, I'm just not in a partolling state of mind this night." Augustin said, she'd really fancy just going home and researching, but she figured she might be of some use at the Tavern, since the watcher from the council was supposed to arrive today.

"Of course, I'll only allow you to escort me if it will not be to much of a hassle William." She added, smiling softly, knowing that partolling and fighting were two things the ex-angel liked.


Dru - 22-10-02 at 04:39 AM

William and Augustin went to the Tavern ((OOC: You guys know where the thread is))

While Nicole and Cain continued their patrol wearily and on they're guard.


Satine - 22-10-02 at 07:43 PM

Nicole glared at the floor, and then looked up at Cain, her face void of its normal happiness.

"Yes Cain, we shall carry on. I am not entirely content with the state of the city tonight" she said absently, mulling over Gabrielle's words in her mind.


Lorisha Fangs - 23-10-02 at 04:23 AM

"I understand Nicole. Her words got to me too. I just wish we knew what she was." He said walking along with his friend. "Maybe she frightened all the evil demons and such out of this area of town." He said relizing there really wasn't that many evil beings around at all.

Dru - 23-10-02 at 11:55 PM

Gabrielle had done nothing of the sort, it was just a quiet night. William returned soon after the two had made their way to the outskirts of the city, near and old cemetery filled with masoleums.


slayer_dude - 24-10-02 at 09:18 AM

On his own, William had again been allowed to drift away into his own thoughts again - of where he was, of what he'd traded it for, of what he'd lost. He had not been looking where he'd been going and barely noticed Cain and Nicole at first. However, when he did he snapped from his thoughts, looking at them both with a gloomy expression on his face. "So... have you come across any vampires or demons?" He asked.


Lorisha Fangs - 24-10-02 at 07:24 PM

"No we haven't William, not yet. They just don't seem to be out lurking around tonight. Are you sensing anything yet Nicole?" Cain looking around for anything evil that might be there that Nicoles slayer senses had not picked up on.


Satine - 25-10-02 at 07:29 PM

Nicole shook her head, still glancing around her every step she took. She was completely on edge and tensed up, ready to take on anything that might leap out from the shady bushes.

"No, alas my senses are not picking up a single thing. Although I did not feel anything before, yet we encountered Gabrielle..." she added pensively, thus adding to her tension.

"Do you both have stakes, just in case?" she asked the two men by her side.


slayer_dude - 25-10-02 at 09:41 PM

William unsheathed his sword and nodded to Nicole - indicating that he at least had a weapon. "I fight best with swords, it was what I was trained with..." He spun it around and sheathed it again, hand on the handle - just in-case something should appear.


Dru - 25-10-02 at 11:26 PM

The three did not meet anything on the outskirts, where most everything of supernatural descent lurked, but they did meet quite a few human beings, noen of the which seemed incredibly dangerous to any of them.

But that was shady, the residents of New Orleans barely every strayed that far, especially with Spanish troupes in the city, it was safer to stay within the city and farther away from the outskirts.


Satine - 26-10-02 at 07:09 PM

Nicole frowned.

"William, for vampire hunting one always needs something sharp and wooden on hand - a metal sword will not kill a vampire" she said matter of factly, but with a smile so she didn't sound like a schoolteacher.

"Avert your eyes" she said, turning away from him and undoing her corset so she could get him one of hers.


slayer_dude - 27-10-02 at 09:48 AM

"Actually, I've found in my 20 years of vampire hunting a sword works rather well. I would have thought that as a slayer you would have known that decapitation is an effective method of killing vampires." William said rather bluntly - he was not exactly a people-person after all.

However, as Nicole was already half-way through undoing her corset and was only being friendly, he turned so he could not see. "Nicole, it would be advisable to keep your weapon in a more easy-to-reach place, should you need to get it quickly during a fight," he told her gently.


Satine - 27-10-02 at 12:55 PM

Nicole blushed a little - she hadn't thought of decapitation. Inside she was taken aback and feeling patronized - after all how could someone else tell a slayer what to do with her weapons? She whipped round and handed William a stake rather roughly, clasping the other one in her hand.

"Yes William, being the chosen one I am aware of that. I carry a stake in my hand ready to attack and two spares in my corset - should anything happen to the one in my hand - at all times. This method has been satisfactory enough in all my years of slaying." Nicole said coolly. Admittedly "all her years" wasn't very many, but she was opposed to being told what to do by someone other than her watcher.


slayer_dude - 27-10-02 at 02:02 PM

"Thankyou," William said, accepting the stake and putting it in the breast-pocket of his shirt. "I would just like to suggest that you place your stakes in a place that is easier to reach than inside your corset... it might save your life."


Satine - 27-10-02 at 02:12 PM

Nicole sighed and nodded, not really paying much attention anymore. She grasped the stake she already had in her hand and scanned their surroundings, watching for every single move and looking round every single corner.


Dru - 28-10-02 at 04:45 AM

The two could not finish their conversation as they actually found something supernatural, what looked to be a newly made vampire, wandering around the empty street, looking kind of lost.


slayer_dude - 28-10-02 at 09:21 AM

William glared at the vampire, growling quietly. Looking at it's ridged brow, yellow eyes and elongated fangs he could see his dead father's face... one vampire was very similar to another in that sense. Without waiting for any of the others to react, he darted forward, leapt and aimed a kick at it's stomach.


Dru - 28-10-02 at 05:18 PM

The disoriented vampire wheeled around in time to be sent backwards a few paces by the kick, he was muttering something about not being able to feed until he found a dagger. He was muttering names as well, ones that none of the trio recognized.


Satine - 28-10-02 at 06:25 PM

Nicole stepped forwards and placed her elegant hands on her hips, twisting the stake around in her hand.

"Pray, tell me - just what do you find satisfying in wandering around baring those disgusting uncleaned teeth to poor members of the public?" she asked the vampire coldly.


Dru - 28-10-02 at 09:19 PM

The feral yellow eyes were glazed over as he looked at Nicole, "Have to find dagger, can't feed..." He groaned, not answering the Slayer's question very well.


slayer_dude - 28-10-02 at 09:56 PM

William walked calmly around and behind the vampire and grabbed at it's arm, aiming to wrench it into a painful lock. "I believe the lady asked you a question, I suggest you answer it more politely or she will be keen to introduce you to an untimely death..." he warned.


Dru - 28-10-02 at 10:00 PM

"I can't get the face to go away." The vampire muttered, "Armand had a woman put some sort of...thing on me that prevents me from doing anything of my own will until I bring them back this damned dagger!" obviously not the genius of the bunch if he spills information so easily.


slayer_dude - 28-10-02 at 10:12 PM

Wrenching on the arm a little tighter, William looked to Nicole to find out what she wanted to do with the vampire... he didn't want to over-step the boundary - she was the leader of the group and he respected that.


Satine - 29-10-02 at 07:03 PM

OOC: Dave unless William's undergone a major life changing operation over the last few hours I'd say you put the wrong name at the end of that post...

IC: Nicole sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Tell me who are Armand and this woman you speak of? Explain a little more fully, what dagger?" she asked patronizingly to the obviously slow vampire. There were a few leads here, but it was a matter of digging deep to find them.


Lorisha Fangs - 30-10-02 at 01:21 AM

Cain stepped up and placed the blade of his sword on the vampire's shoulder and looked over at Nicole."Answer her sir. " He hoped Nicole understood that it was just another intimmidation factor.


Dru - 30-10-02 at 05:14 AM

The fledgling vampire seethed, "I told you what I know, I'm hexed so I can't hurt you people until I find this damned dagger for my Sire, Armand." He spat, "I don't know any more."


Satine - 30-10-02 at 08:44 PM

Nicole launched forwards and grabbed the vampire by his neck, scowling and baring her teeth in possibly the most unladylike fashion seen by anyone in that time.

"Take me to this Armand, and I shall soon find out" she hissed through gritted teeth, releasing her grip from the halfbreed and shoving him toward the ground.


Dru - 1-11-02 at 12:27 AM

The vampire attempted to keep his balance, but landed squarely on the wooden planking of the walkway.
"F-fine...I'll take you to Armand, but I'll guarentee you won't get past his guards." the fledgling muttered.

The group went here.