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Armand's Plantation
Dru - 1-11-02 at 12:26 AM

The Plantation was battered and barely livable, but Nicole could sense immediately the ammount of activity from this place. As the fledgling led the three towards the doors.


Satine - 2-11-02 at 07:52 PM

Nicole stiffened, she could sense the danger around here. She turned to her friends.

"Understand this: Nobody ventures anywhere or does anything untoward unless I tell them. And keep behind me at all times. I hate to sound overruling, but you all know it is for our safety" Nicole whispered to the group with a small reassuring smile.


slayer_dude - 3-11-02 at 01:06 PM

Although he nodded to Nicole, William was aware that he was very used to doing things his way, during combat. He promised himself to try and do as she instructed, hard as it may be. "Nicole, what is your plan?" He asked gently.


Satine - 3-11-02 at 09:54 PM

"I plan to find this Armand and ask him why he wants this dagger. If we are dealing with a ruffian, which I highly suspect we are, a fight is likely to ensue." Nicole said, not taking her eyes off the landscape around her.


slayer_dude - 4-11-02 at 04:38 PM

William nodded. "Do you plan for a charging attack or a discrete entrance?" He questioned, realising the amount of vampires that could be occupying the plantation. William was on edge, looking forward to a good attack, to rid the world of the evils that lurked in it.


Dru - 4-11-02 at 11:55 PM

They noticed after they got past the few vampires roaming the grounds around the Plantation House that it would be fairly easy to get inside.
"Madame, Armand is no ruffian...He will deal with you accordingly I suppose, but I'm sure they'll be fighting." The fledgling interjected, immediately pulling away like Nicole would back-hand him.


Satine - 5-11-02 at 08:07 PM

"Simply entering and making our presence known, William - so neither" she responded hurriedly before turning to the fledgling.

"My dear, I strongly suggest you keep your opinions to yourself and leave us to do our jobs" she warned, gripping her stake and showing it to him.


Dru - 5-11-02 at 11:53 PM

"Wave the pointy stick all you want Slayer, I'm as good as dead anyways." The fledgling muttered as they entered the hall of the plantation home. Voices could be heard in the parlor.


slayer_dude - 6-11-02 at 05:03 PM

William was very tense as they entered the plantation, his hands clamped on the handle of his sword, he would be ready to whip it out, should he need to.


Satine - 6-11-02 at 09:01 PM

Nicole took a deep breath and steeled herself.

"My plan is to enter and politely ask for information about the sword. Do not mention i am the slayer unless provoked to, it could ruin everything. Ready?" Nicole asked, looking around and checking she could go in.


Dru - 6-11-02 at 09:49 PM

Before either William or Nicole could open the parlor door, it was opened for them.
"Well, how nice." A dark haired man, which the two presumed to be Armand commented.
"I see you've brought back my childe, minus the dagger." He looke the two of them over, and gave the fledgling a look that clearly spelt out unhappiness.


Satine - 10-11-02 at 11:37 AM

Nicole curtsied politely. If he didn't already know, she wanted to hide the fact she was a slayer.

"Pleasure to meet you, sir" she said.

"We found this poor soul wandering the streets, he said something about you. SO we thought it best to find you immediately" she said softly, smiling.


Dru - 10-11-02 at 06:56 PM

"A Slayer with manners, how novel." Armand commented, taking the fledgling from Nicole's grasp, "Will you be bidding me ado if you attempt to stake me?" His dark eyes were locked on Nicole and William.

"And what exactly does bring the Slayer and a Follower to my plantation with one of my fledglings that knew he had a job to do?"


slayer_dude - 11-11-02 at 04:19 PM

"Perhaps not stake..." William muttered very quietly, under his breath as his hand found the comfort of the handle of his sword. He had such an urge to un-sheath it and decapitate the vampire. He stood firm, glaring at it as he waited for Nicole to or give him some sort of instruction.


Dru - 12-11-02 at 06:06 PM

"You again?" Armand questioned, "Why is it when I saw you last night I just knew you were one of the Slayer's followers." the dark-haired vampire did not look happy, "And I suppose that Jacob here has told you about his duties, which is what brought yourself, the Slayer and the other male here."


Satine - 12-11-02 at 07:46 PM

Nicole rolled her eyes and stepped forwards, toward Armand challengingly.

"I simply sought you out to find out exactly what you want with this so called dagger" she snarled, her face right up close to his.


Dru - 12-11-02 at 11:36 PM

Armand smirked, "I like you Slayer, you have a fire that some Slayer's lack." He commented, then his face went serious again, "The only thing I wanted to do with the dagger was give it as a gift to a friend of mine, sort of as an apology." He told her, pressing his fingers on Nicole's shoulder and moving her back a few steps.


slayer_dude - 13-11-02 at 11:27 AM

"I am not a follower," William protested in a low voice. "I simply offer my help where and when it is needed..." He did not trust the vampire one ounce, and was having to resist the urge to slice of its head, difficult as it was.


Dru - 13-11-02 at 05:40 PM

Armand laughed again, "The simple fact that you take orders from the Slayer here proves that you are a follower." He replied, moving closer to William, "And believe me, you wouldn't get that sword halfway to my neck before I had every follower of mine on you." He threatened, turning his attention back to the Slayer.


Satine - 13-11-02 at 07:19 PM

Nicole's face hardened as she was forced back. She grabbed his hand and thrust it downwards in the blink of an eye.

"I patrol this city hunting out savages like you. I don't like disharmony in my city, and this seems to be what you are causing. Pray tell me of this friend, maybe we can keep this rendevouz a little more... friendly" she said a little too sweetly, almost threateningly.


Dru - 13-11-02 at 09:24 PM

Armand's eyes blazed for a moment as he fought to keep his calm, "Your city? This city belongs to somebody far older an wiser than you, Slayer." He growled, "And as for keeping things friendly, I'm not a very friendly person, nor do I appreciate young women and their companions busting through my doors ordering me to answer their questions." His face changed into the feral appearance of his demon.

With a snarl he turned his attention to the small group within the room, "Go, tell her it seems we'll have to find that dagger another night." He growled to his 'minions' as he turned back towards Nicole, "Now Slayer, do you care to actually fight, or shall I just order you and your friend off my property?" He questioned her, "Seeing as all you've got on you is a couple stakes and your friend as that brutish sword." He took a step towards her.


Satine - 13-11-02 at 09:55 PM

Nicole grasped her stake and held it to the demon's face.

"I do not wish to fight. I simply want some information, and then I shall leave you. I have other places to be, we could get this over with sooner rather than later."


Dru - 13-11-02 at 11:27 PM

"Well, maybe you should stop with the idle threats and start with the questioning." Armand replied, batting the stake out of his vision.


Lorisha Fangs - 14-11-02 at 12:44 AM

Cain stood still and silent the whole time. Listening to what this obviously elder vampire was saying. 'Did he read William's mind. Can they actually do that? Have that much power to enter your mind and draw out your own thoughts?' He thought to himself keeping his hands on his sword hilt ready for anything that might attack.


Dru - 14-11-02 at 04:48 AM

Armand looked to Cain and William, "My business is with the Slayer, so if the both of you would be so kind as to remove your hands from your hilts." He gave them both a threatening look, William was truly the one he was wary of, Cain was nothing more than a mortal.


slayer_dude - 14-11-02 at 05:59 PM

William looked from Armand, to his hand which grasped the hilt of his sword, and back to Armand, then sniggered loudly. "I must say, that was amusing, that's the first time I've laughed since... I mean, for a very long time!" He said, standing his ground, narrowed eyes locked on Armand.


Lorisha Fangs - 15-11-02 at 12:20 AM

Cain looked down at his hand then back up to Armand. "It's habit really. Hard to break." Cain said keeping his hand on his on the hilt of his sword. Still looking for anything that looks suspicious or moving inthe shadows, either one.


Satine - 15-11-02 at 10:48 PM

Nicole raised her eyebrows.

"Pardon my short term memory, but I'm sure I came here on amicable terms asking nothing but questions." she said sarcastically.

"What is this business with this dagger? What do you want it for?" she asked impatiently.


Dru - 15-11-02 at 11:53 PM

Armand decided to stretch the truth a bit, "The dagger? Its a gift for a friend, throws it at vermin for sport...Since rats abound here in New Orleans, she just walks the street throwing the little dagger at them." He laughed, but there was a gem of truth to that, the dagger would be used to rid the city of a few less than wanted things.


slayer_dude - 15-11-02 at 11:55 PM

"He's lying," William said in a low voice, keeping his gaze fixed on Armand. "Tell the truth you murderous fiend!"


Dru - 16-11-02 at 09:29 PM

Armand laughed again, "The truth is that its ritualistic." He answered simply, not devulging any more.
"Anything else you would like to know?"


slayer_dude - 17-11-02 at 10:31 AM

"Tell me, what ritual is it used to perform?" William asked annoyedly.


Dru - 17-11-02 at 01:20 PM

"I don't know, I just find the things. I don't do the rituals." Armand replied pompously, "Have I answered all your questions now?"


slayer_dude - 17-11-02 at 03:40 PM

William sighed, looking at Nicole to see if she was satisfied with what she had been told. He could not stand the pompous vampire. He could not stand pompous people, so full of themselves, always acted like they were better than everyone else. He shot another glare of contempt at Armand whilst waiting for Nicole to decide what they should do.


Satine - 17-11-02 at 07:59 PM

Nicole crossed her arms and shook her head. She had met his type before, getting information was like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, she wasn't likely to get much more.

"Our work here is done, I have no desire to be around him any longer" she said just as pompously, mocking Armand. She turned on her heel, expecting Cain and William to follow suit.


slayer_dude - 17-11-02 at 08:43 PM

William followed Nicole, but kept glancing back cautiously at Armand, clearly not trusting him. His hand still wrapped tightly around the handle of his sword.


Dru - 18-11-02 at 05:15 AM

Armand let them leave, they had intruded upon his territory, not the other way around.

The three ended up at Tammin's, on the doorstep with Elijah and Augustin.