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Tammin's Flat - Evening
Dru - 19-1-03 at 08:33 PM

It was early evening, the sun was just setting and the group was gathered in the sitting room, Nicole, Augustin and Melissa were sitting in a triangle of chairs, speaking in hushed voices to eachother, mostly gossip around the city. Cain, Elijah and Tammin were sifting through any books that might've made more references to the daggers.

They didn't want a complete mess when William came back with Annabelle. He had only left 10 minutes before and should be back within the hour.


Satine - 19-1-03 at 10:50 PM

Nicole joined in with the idle chit-chat, smiling and laughing... but her mind was really elsewhere. She kept glancing out of the window, trying to formulate plans to save herself and protect the rest whilst getting to the bottom of this dagger thing... but it just wasn't happening.


Liz - 20-1-03 at 04:23 AM

"Nicole, your thinking know that is never good." Augustin said, noticing her friend wasn't truly into the idle chit-chat that was going on between the three of them. "Stop thinking for awhile, we'll get this figured out and nobody will get hurt." She paused, before adding. "I promise, Kiefer and Nan would be lost without their aunt Nicole." Augustin smiled, knowing her two children thought the world of Nicole.


Dru - 25-1-03 at 06:03 PM

The three woman's gossip was abruptly interupted by knocking downstairs on the front door. Those searching through books were to thoroughly engrossed to hear it.

It was of course William and Annabelle at the door, but William did not want to just walk into Tammin's home, so he waited patiently for one of the others to answer the door.


Liz - 28-1-03 at 01:09 AM

Augustin got up from her flace in one of the wing back chairs, noticing that nobody else had rushed to open the door, she thought to make herself useful and do so.

Slowly opening the beautiful oak door, she prayed to god that the person or thing standing before her would not end up being evil.


Lorisha Fangs - 28-1-03 at 03:41 AM

Cain looked at his book again. His eye were started to hurt from reading so much. he closed the book and looked around ther group. "Nothing in that one. My eyes are feel like they more I do myself." He sat the book aside and stood up to stretch.


Dru - 28-1-03 at 05:42 PM

Elijah closed his book as well, " I don't thin we'll find anything, we've exhausted the library of books we have." He said, leaning back in the chair he was sitting in.


Augustin opened the door to find William and a well-dressed redheaded woman who must have been Annabelle.


slayer_dude - 28-1-03 at 07:23 PM

"Hello Augustin," William smiled to her. "This is Miss Annabelle De Pointe, Annabelle, this is Augustin, a... friend of mine. She will be helping us to investigate the dagger," he said helpfully, informing Anabelle of who was who.


Liz - 29-1-03 at 12:57 AM

Augustin smiled "Hello William", She said, before turning and giving Annabelle a polite smile and nod of the head. "It's a pleasure meeting you, please both of you come inside." She said, stepping back from the door to allow William and Annabelle into the flat.


slayer_dude - 29-1-03 at 04:56 PM

William was about to move straight into the house but remembered his manners just in time and waved Annabelle in in front.


Dru - 29-1-03 at 06:38 PM

Annabelle noticed the gesture and stepped inside.
"Thank you, its very nice meeting you Augustin." She said a little nervously, she didn't quite feel comfortable around any of them, but they were helping her, in a way.

The three moved upstairs into the sitting room.

Elijah looked up, "Ah, yes, you must be Mademoiselle De Pointe." He said, standing up to greet her, "The dagger that William told me is in your possession intrigues me greatly. May I see it?"

Annabelle nodded, taking out the dagger, which was not very large at all, but fit the description in the book perfectly.


Liz - 31-1-03 at 06:36 PM

Augustin eyed the dagger with a little bit of fear, never being fond of weapons. "How did you get such a dagger?" She asked, the question to kind of poping out of her head.


Dru - 31-1-03 at 08:58 PM

"Its a gift for my sister, I had to find a decent trader who deallt with such things." Annabelle explained, "Simple if you kwow who you need to talk to."


Satine - 31-1-03 at 10:05 PM

Nicole eyed Anabelle suspiciously. She slowly rose from her seat and offered her hand.

"Nicole Ellis..." she said, forcing a smile. She wasnt particularly inclined to trust anyone at the moment.


Dru - 1-2-03 at 05:48 AM

Annabelle smiled, "Annabelle De Pointe." She replied, taking no notice of the possible hostility. She set the dagger down on the table for Elijah and sat down in one of the chairs.


Liz - 2-2-03 at 03:39 PM

Augustin could notice her friend's distrust, and she herself felt the same way about Annabelle, for all they knew she could be lying to them all.

Though she figured if William trusted her then she couldn't be all that bad. "What exactly does this dagger do?"


Dru - 3-2-03 at 05:27 PM

"I'm not certain. It has magickal attributes of some sort I would think, but I do not know otherwise." Annabelle answered, in truth she knew nothing about it.

Elijah knew more, though he was not willing to devulge of that information in front of the young woman.


Liz - 4-2-03 at 08:20 PM

Augustin was miffed, why was it she was the only one asking questions? I mean after all everyone must be wondering about this dagger, or about Annabelle and who her sister might be. "Why might it be that I'm the only one speaking around our guest?" Augustin asked, slightly annoyed and showing it at the moment.


Satine - 4-2-03 at 08:57 PM

"Yes but what magickal powers..." Nicole pushed. She wanted to know more, well it was expected as her life was in danger...


Dru - 4-2-03 at 09:59 PM

Elijah sighed, "The Dagger of Etherios is what its called, there are actually a few in existence, though they have been lost. Their magickal attributes are ritualistic in nature, they are not themselves magickal but help to heighten the magick of whomever uses it." He explained, "They are in my recollection a very dangerous artifact, and I sincerely hope that whomever you are giving this to Ms. De Pointe they have no intention of using it in that manner." He glanced at Nicole, hoping that answered the young Slayer's question, "Now if you'll excuse me I'd like some silence for a moment while I look it over a bit more."


Liz - 13-2-03 at 08:39 PM

Augustin turned to the rest of the group, "Do you think when Elijah said be quiet he meant ghostly silent?" She asked, wondering if a cat had stolen everyones tongues or not.


Satine - 13-2-03 at 09:53 PM

Nicole rose to her feet. The stuffy silence was making her even more uncomfortable than she already felt.

"Augustin. As the others don't feel too obliged to talk, I'm sure they wouldn't miss us if we went for a short stroll." Nicole said to Augustin, but she knew her friend would read the subtext and pick up on the fact that Nicole wanted to talk to her.


Liz - 14-2-03 at 04:15 PM

Augustin nodded, "I'm sure they wouldn't." She said, picking up on the fact that Nicole needed to speak with her about something. Picking her shawl up off on one of the chairs Augustin slipped it around her shoulders before turning towards Elijah. "Nicole and myself will be taking a short stroll, for we're in need of some much needed fresh air." Augustin said, while turning to head for the door.


slayer_dude - 14-2-03 at 06:31 PM

William stood up nervously - "Augustin are you sure it would be wise to walk around after dark un-escorted?" He asked worriedly. He had picked up on the fact that Augustin and Nicole had to talk but he also worried about what Gabrielle might do if she showed up.


Satine - 16-2-03 at 04:32 PM

"No." Nicole replied sharply. "I very much doubt we can be escorted absolutely everywhere over the course of the weeks to come, so why start now?" she added, standing up.


slayer_dude - 16-2-03 at 07:02 PM

William hesitated, Nicole was being understandably defiant - having always been the strong leader of the group it was easy to see why she would dislike being looked after. "Alright Nicole, I apologise," he said, sitting down, moving his long hair out of his eyes. However, he was already making mental plans to follow the women at a distance, to make sure they were ok.


Liz - 17-2-03 at 02:36 PM

Augustin smiled, knowing that William just wanted to look out for the both of them. But she was also thankful he didn't push the subject anymore. It seemed Nicole was set on it just being the two of them. "Do not worry William, Nicole and I will return safetly in a little while." Augustin said, waving a good bye as she headed towards the door.


Dru - 17-2-03 at 03:19 PM

Nicole and Augustin left the house with a few short good-byes and went walking.

William followed them soon after.


Dru - 14-3-03 at 05:12 AM

The group left at the Flat were pulled out of there silence by a banging at the front door, angry by the sounds of it. Elijah stood up surveying the group.
"I'll be just a moment as I get that." He said, walking to do the door and opening it to find a very angry looking vampire standing there.
"The Slayer, where is she?" He growled angrily, held back from crossing the threshold but he looked as if he would do anything to get Elijah into his grasp.
"She is asleep." He bluffed, making the mistake of stepping forward as if to prove to himself that he was not afraid of this vampire.
"Liar, I don't smell her around, so tell me, where is she?" the vampire growled again.
"You may come inside and look." Elijah gave the vampire just the chance he needed, he had stepped over the threshold.

The vampire grasped him by the throat, constricting the man's windpipe. Elijah could barely get out a yell of "Crossbow, now!" before the vampire really took a grasp.
"Do you know my name? It is Armand, your council knows me Watcher." He said, "Now tell me, where is your Slayer, Nicole."


Dru - 16-4-03 at 06:04 PM

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