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Author: Subject: Rules For Players
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[*] posted on 2-10-02 at 10:37 PM
Rules For Players

Players Rules

1)The GM is god. Do not argue unnessicerally with their decisions. You can challenge them on a decision once but their decision is final.

2)Try to stay IC when you post, if you post IC leave the name of your character at the bottom, less confusion for all.

3)Try to post as often as you can, general posting guidelines are as follows:

GM should post every 2 days.
Slayers/Watchers should post every 2-3 days.
Other Primary characters should post every 3-4 days.
Minor Characters should post at least once a week.

4)If need or are forced to take a prolonged absence from the game e-mail the GM or get someone to get in contact with them for you. If the GM hasnít heard from you in a few weeks then they have the right to remove your character from the game.

5)Fight scenes are played either in post form or via IRC means, though this is at the discretion of the GM and the player/players involved.

6)Feel free to put your characters in mortal danger or to allow them to do completely stupid things, though if you do these donít be surprised if you receive a death or stupidity warning. Each character is allowed 3 death/stupidity warnings. After each warning the GM will allow something bad to happen to your character and after 3 they may kill your character. Each death warning lasts for 6 months, after that it is negated. Death/stupidity warnings are given at the discretion of the GM.

7)If your character is a magic user state how strong they are in the original character description. Feel free to use magic but remember magic has consequences, i.e. if you use magic expect something less than great to happen to your character. Again however this is at the discretion of the GM.

8)NO Buffy or Angel characters please. We, nor you own these characters so you canít use them. The Canon director and the GM have the right to edit all such references from your posts.

9)The GM has the right to void posts he/she feels is out of character, have excessive bad language, or that they deem inappropriate. We are pretty broad minded and easy going, so if we do have to void your post you must have really over stepped the mark. If you think your post was unfairly voided then U2U the GM or a member of the Admin team and weíll do our best to sort it out.

10)Most importantly HAVE FUN. After all it is just a game. Donít be afraid to ask questions, the GMís or the Admin team are only too happy to help. If you have questions either U2U us, post it in GD, or join us in the plymslayer IRC room and ask us there.

11) In the roleplaying forums only the default colour is to be used, chaning font colour is allowed but for proper uses only, proper uses being decided by the GM. Changing font colour annoys players and GM's and can make reading certain posts difficult.

-Dolph, Evilandrea, Tinyclanger
Admin Team.
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