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Last additions
Chinook Helicopter take off308 viewsAn RAF Chinook Helicopter lifting off from Plymouth Hoe.Jan 02, 2009
Jed308 viewsRPG Character Concept Art
Jed Springer - Plymslayer
A concept for one of my own characters, Jed Srpinger from the Carlisle game, done mainly as a learning exercise for techniques and using a new version of painter
Oils - Painter 10
Jan 02, 2009
Dave Lytton273 viewsRPG Character Concept Art
Dave Lytton - Plymslayer
Done for Dolph who has played this particular character since the begining, done as a matching piece to the Alice Tyler concept sketch.
Oil Pastels - Painter 8
Jan 02, 2009
Alice Tyler283 viewsRPG Character Concept Art
Alice Tyler - PLymslayer
A Concept piece for one of my own characters, one of the first character concepts I did hence why it looks a bit rough in places
Oil Pastels - Painter 8
Jan 02, 2009
Cassandra261 viewsRPG Character Concept Art
Cassandera Pedersen - Plymslayer
A character concept done for Anise76 on Plymslayer for her Carlisle character Cassandra
Oil Piants - Painter 10
Jan 02, 2009
Two Fighters287 views30 minute speed paint of Kendo fighters done as a present for someone.
Mix media - Painter 7
Jan 02, 2009
Autum moon258 viewsA 15 minute speed paint done after stairing at the moon all night.
Digital water colour - Painter 7
Jan 02, 2009
Spiderman speed Paint282 viewsA 25 minuet speed paint of spider man.
Loaded Palett Brush - Painter 7
Jan 02, 2009
Nila273 viewsRPG Character Concept Art
Nila Arian - Hoggies RPG
Done as a present for the owner of this character.
Oil Pastel's Painter 8
Jan 02, 2009
Another in Sidmouth bay286 viewsJan 02, 2009
Sidmouth Bay278 viewsJan 02, 2009
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